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started with a little traffic and weather. a little fog apparently. >> a little fog but not too bad lawrence, huh? >> not as bad as yesterday. you know, we had all that drizzle yesterday. today not half as bad as we are seeing stay with us patchy fog outside right now pointing to a pretty nice day. 60s into san francisco and also oakland. you will see sunshine and 70s into san jose, even 80s in the valleys. more on that in a moment. right now let's check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. live towards the golden gate bridge accident larkspur southbound 101. mobile5 just past the scene. the left lane is blocked but only minor delays. coming up, we'll go live to mobile5 and hit the road with john. so more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, a manhunt continues for two suspects who used high-powered rifles to fire on an east bay parks ranger. the ranger took cover and was not hurt in the shooting but a special response team had to use an armored vehicle to
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rescue him. the shooting happened near the upper san leandro reservoir on the south side of moraga. police told police in the neighborhood to stay in their homes during the search. >> they are scared of you because the only way these police guys can go is come back here in the town is they can run towards the hills but it's definitely scary. >> search around rancho laguna park ended for the night when it got too dark. police think the suspect may be involved with growing marijuana in the area. we are learning more about the two suspects in the beating of bryan stow. now they are accused of attacking other people that night at dodger stadium. anser hassan is in san francisco general where stow is in the hospital this morning. good morning. >> good morning. bryan stow is showing some real small signs of progress but still remains hospitalized here at sf general. as for the two suspects we spoke of, they are the two lead suspects in this case and they made their first court
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appearance on monday. louie sanchez age 29 and marvin norwood age 30 are now the lead suspects in the stow beating case. prosecutors say they bragged about the attack to coworkers but told everyone to keep quiet. both men have a history of violence and problems with the law. no family members were in court on monday where the two suspects made their first appearance. they didn't enter pleas on the three felony counts they faced, assault, battery and mayhem. mayhem is described as disabling or disfiguring a victim. you may recall stow's eye was bruised and his nose and tongue were cut. the prosecutors say they are both public safety threats. sanchez is arrested for drunk driving, evading police, carrying a loaded gun in public and domestic violence. norwood has a history of domestic violence, as well. when police search norwood's home they found five firearms including a very powerful assault rifle. the defendants' lawyers say
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their clients don't fit the suspect profile. and norwood's ailing mother says she still can't believe that her son would be involved. >> this is what bothers me. [ crying ] >> because of the compassion that he has, i feel it from him when he's around. now? he makes me feel better and calls me at least twice a week to see how i'm doing. >> reporter: the two men were identified after police reexamined 700 tips from the public. they are also being accused of attack three other giants fans including throwing beer cans at a female giants fan. they will be back in court on august 10 and are expected to enter pleas. if found guilty both are looking at 8 to 10 years behind bars. >> thank you, anser hassan. gunfire breaking out in san francisco last night this time sending a 40-year-old woman to the hospital. the victim telling
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investigators she was walking home along francisco street around 970 last night when she heard rapid gunshots and realized that she was shot in the back. san francisco police say they do not believe the woman was the intended target. her wounds were not considered life-threatening. the man who admitted to last week's deadly bombing and shooting spree in norway says two other groups were ready to help them launch those attacks. but authorities think 32-year- old anders breivik acted alone in killing at least 76 people. he has pleaded not guilty and said he planned the attacks to save norway from a muslim takeover. his lawyer suggested that the suspect insane. time now 5:04. we have traffic and weather. lawrence karnow joins us with what looks like operatety nice week, my friend. >> it's improving each day seeing more sunshine. even at the coast a little more sun. it was gloomy at the beaches yesterday. just patchy, dense fog this
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morning. throughout the day a little more sunshine everywhere you go. temperatures in the 50s right now as we head toward the afternoon still running below average but comfortable. 70s and 80s inland. 60s around the bay, 70s in san jose and 50s and 60s patchy fog at the coast. watch what happens here. high pressure builds in tomorrow. temperatures warm up. that's going to compress that marine layer somewhat. that means less fog even at the coast as we head in toward thursday and friday, i think we are setting up for a gorgeous weekend ahead, elizabeth. >> the traffic is pretty gorgeous right now. we don't have any major problems out there. in fact, we'll go out live to mobile5. we have our roving traffic reporter this morning don in his car traveling across the richmond/san rafael bridge heading eastbound right now. everything is nice and light this morning. so we love our mobile5 traffic shot so thank you so much, john, for getting up early with
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us this morning. one problem out there no major delays marin county southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake boulevard accident involving a deer. one lane blocked. crews clearing it. novato slowing because of ongoing roadwork so various lanes blocked and the northbound and southbound directions blocked. in milpitas, we have a camera showing you the 880/237 interchange. silicon valley ride looks great. mass transit is on time. back to you. >> thank you. >> i like that new mobile5. he is driving all around the bay area. he now sympathize us with us
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getting up at had a.m. >> -- getting up at 4 a.m. just a week until the debt limit deadline. are they close to a deal? >> a teen returns home to the bay area, after a grizzly bear attacks, the ordeal he survives in alaska. and president obama got to see the famous beard himself. the honor at the white house for your world champion giants and humorous comments from the president coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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ah, progress. what once took huge computers can now be stored on a single flash drive. yep, 4 gigs, just $5.99. will wonders never cease? [ male announcer ] staples has amazing back to school deals, like flash drives for $5.99. that was easy. welcome back. here's live look now through san jose. this is 101 near mckee. as you can see, free-flowing in all directions this morning. coming up, a check of the marin county commute in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it is now 5:09. for the first time, we are
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hearing from a richmond teenager who survived a grizzly bear attack in alaska. amazing stuff. 18-year-old victor martin is home and he is safe this morning. he was one of seven teens who were taking a backcountry course when they encountered the bear on saturday. the bear clawed at his two friends first and then pinned martin to the ground. >> the bear jumped at me. did i what i felt was the smart thing to do and protected myself and thank god i got away. it was terrifying. but prayer helps. prayer works. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> martin says he kicked the bear to escape. he got away with a hurt ankle and some other cuts. the worst injuries were to the two teens who first encountered the grizzly. one of them describes surprising the bear and her cub when they walked around a rock outcropping. >> i believe we startled the bear and so when grizzly bears are startled, they attack. and we also believe that the
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bear was a mother and there was a cub present, as well. and so the bear was acting in defense of her cub, basically. >> the teens were able to call for help with an emergency beacon but they took a beating. it took several hours for a helicopter with rescuers to arrive. a week left for the government to raise the debt ceiling or face default. august 2 is the big day and president obama is urging compromise in congress. he spoke to the nation last night and he criticized the republicans. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach, a cuts only approach, an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> but gop leaders say the president is the one who is refusing to budge. >> the president wanted a plank check six months ago. and he wants a blank check
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today. this is just not going to happen. >> republicans are pushing to raise the debt limit enough to last for the rest of the year and then a joint committee would tackle a second increase and more spending cuts but mr. obama says he will veto any plans to raise the debt ceiling if it comes in two waves. he supports a plan by majority leader harry reid to raise the limit to 2012. breaking news out of morocco. a state news agency says a c- 130 plane has crashed in a mountainous area there. there are reports that 26 people have been killed, four injured. the royal armed forces plane went down southwest of the capital rabat and near the atlantic coast. 70 people were on board. we'll have more details as soon as we get them. time now 5:12. it lost $8 billion last year. coming up how many post office outlets might close as a
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result. >> happy meals are getting healthier what mcdonald's is downsizing to make room for more fruits and vegetables. >> all right. have to catch a plane today out of sfo? looking good, 67 degrees, partly cloudy skies. as you make your way across the country again we're watching some hot weather continuing across the south. very steamy into houston today. 59 degrees. partly cloudy, slight chance of a few showers and 95 degrees into houston. atlanta not too bad, more clouds and a slight chance of showers, some sunshine in between and about 92 degrees. more on your forecast is coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stories... two san bernardino county men made their first court appearance yesterday... in connenction with the bryan s dgers stadium in the headlines, two san bernardino county men made their first court appearances yesterday in connection with the bryan stow beating case outside of dodger stadium in los angeles. their arraignment was continued until next month. a manhunt researches at daybreak in moraga to find two men who fired high powered rifles at a park ranger yesterday evening. the ranger was not hurt. president obama is calling for compromise in congress to raise the nation's debt ceiling before next tuesday's deadline.
5:17 am
he says he will veto a short- term increase which is favored by republicans. >> patchy fog, no drizzle at the coastline. all the signs pointing to a better day, temperatures warming up over the next few days. 70s and 80s inland. mostly 60s inside the bay, 70s into the santa clara valley and 50s and 60s with patchy fog continuing out toward the coastline. we have this trough that's been sitting at the coast ushering in the cool marine air and keeping the temperatures running below average for this time year but eventually we'll watch high pressure beginning to build in moving this trough further north and that means our temperatures will warm up as early as tomorrow. highs today about 97 degrees, hot in fresno sunny there. 86 beautiful in yosemite. 77 degrees in lake tahoe and 91 degrees in the sacramento valley. around the bay area, not as hot
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as that but very comfortable toward the afternoon. 78 san jose, 77 los altos, 58 with patchy fog in daly city. 67 and mostly sunny by the afternoon in oakland. plenty of sunshine into livermore at 82. and 80 degrees in dublin. north bay expecting 78 degrees in napa valley looking fantastic there, 79 san anselmo, 62 bodega bay. the next couple of days patchy fog but looks like temperatures improve especially into thursday and friday. that's when that ridge compresses the marine layer somewhat and looks like we'll see more sunshine even at the coastline where it's been gloomy a little more sunshine coming in your direction too. all right. time now for a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> i'm going to toss it over to don. he is live right now coming down the eastshore freeway got off the richmond/san rafael bridge traveling westbound 80 now. looks like he is heading into emeryville. there is live look. right now 18 minuteses from carquinez bridge to the maze.
5:19 am
looking good, don, thanks for the shot. to the maps, we are also following this accident looks like it's in the clear stages now, it's in marin southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake boulevard. a car swerved to avoid a deer so the left lane was blocked. where we are seeing sensors slowing is north of that at novato where there is roadwork and various lanes blocked, you can see the whole stretch between 37 and 580 various lanes blocked in both directions of 101. here's live look at the golden gate bridge, a little foggy this morning but not too bad for your trip across the deck. elsewhere antioch bridge traffic as usual looks great. and even highway 4 not seeing any slowing on our sensors all the way through antioch as you make your way into pittsburg, concord, towards 242, looks good. elsewhere we'll do a south bay check. 280 looks fine now heading out of downtown san jose and you can see this traffic shot pattern now is northbound traffic on 280.
5:20 am
these headlights approaching the 880 interchange. so far for your ride along the peninsula, 101 and 280, both moving fine. so overall we are off to a nice start. mass transit as well bart has all their trains on time. ace train number one no delay. muni, caltrain, you name it, it is on schedule. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. more than 1 out of 10 post offices may have to close because of ongoing budget problems. the u.s. postal service lost $8 billion last year. retail business has declined as first class mail moves to the internet and the slump in advertising in mail continues. thousands of offices will close. most of those in rural areas. mcdonald's is going to make happy meals more healthy. the fast food chain plans to add a serving of fruit or
5:21 am
vegetables and shrink the portion of french fries. the changes will start taking effect in september and will be in place in all u.s. mcdonald's restaurants by april. last year san francisco and santa clara counties banned toys with meals at fast-food restaurants if those meals didn't meet specific nutritional guidelines. >> so a 6-year-old has a choice between peaches and a bag of fries? [ laughter ] >> tough sell. they swapped giants jerseys for suits and ties at the white house. a presidential honor for your world champs coming up. >> this morning, we bring you the awwww factor from a zoo in china. who doesn't love pandas? >> that is cute. ,, ,,
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at improved weather around the bay area. temperatures now with partly cloudy skies into the 50s. more sunshine on the way. we'll talk more about that coming right up. all righty, lawrence. welcome back to the "early edition." it is 5:24 on your tuesday now. the nation's biggest sports fan-in-chief welcoming the world series champion giants to the white house yesterday. president obama joined by california lawmakers as he shook hands with all the players. giants great willie mays front and center. he was 23 when the giants last
5:25 am
won the world series back in 1954. yesterday, there he is, the closer, brian wilson dressed more conservatively for a chain with a blue pin striped suit. here's the president. >> and then at least the guy with the beard. where's? he i do fear him. [ laughter ] >> i do think, brian, you should know that michelle was very relieved that the press was going to be talking about what somebody else wears here in the white house. [ laughter ] >> the president very up on his giants history. he said the giants may be a little bit different. we can vouch for that as he put it. but one thing they know is how to win. the giants stopped in d.c. on their way to a big series coming up in philadelphia tonight. a baby giant panda is the newest resident at a research center in china. 19-year-old lily was seen cleaning her new offspring on sunday. lily had a successful
5:26 am
artificial insemination in march and had a baby female weighing only 5.5 ounces. it's the first giant panda born there this year at a breeding facility. it's the largest of its kind in the world. >> what is it about pandas ? >> i think it's the black and white contrast or something? my sister had a stuffed paneled da. >> you go to a carnival there's always a stuffed panda. but they are so small. look at that. >> tiny. >> 5 ounces? cute. 5:26. netflix bracing for a huge loss after raising its prices. the surprising number of customers expected to go elsewhere coming up. we'll tell you the tense moments of a bear mauling. coming up. the two lead suspects in the bryan stow beating case make their first court appearance. what we are learning about the suspect and where the case stands this morning coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie
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macdonald. good morning. up and at 'em! i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. >> we are looking at 90s down the way, aren't we, lawrence? >> think there's plenty to smile about as we'll see improved weather around the bay area today. 80s inland, 70s at the bay, 60s and foggy at the coast. >> great news except for roadwork. roadwork on the upper deck of the bay bridge is fine, we'll have more traffic coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. at first light a manhunt is getting under way in the east bay searching for gunmen who
5:31 am
shot at a park ranger way rifle. kristy seifkin has what police believe they were doing there in the first place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was just before 7:00 last night that an officer with east bay regional parks was doing his regular foot search when two men opened fire on him. he actually had to fire back duck for cover and police had to send in emergency crews to rescue him. police actually sent in a recovery armored truck to get him away from the scene and thankfully wasn't injured. but multiple law enforcement teams conducted a search last night by foot and by helicopter including california highway patrol, the contra costa sheriff's office, and richmond moraga orinda and lafayette police departments. officials had to stop at sundown. they told residents stay indoors until the search was over. >> they scared you because the
5:32 am
only way these police guys can go is back there in the town, they can run towards the hills but it's definitely scary. >> reporter: so police were clearly looking for the suspects during the search but also for a drug growing operation. officials think that suspects may be maintaining marijuana grows in the area near upper san leandro reservoir here on the south side of moraga. officials believe that those two suspects probably have stayed in the wilderness that they are not going to come to the residential areas or into local businesses and in just a couple of hours once the sun goes up that search will continue with helicopters and by foot and hopefully police will be able to find those suspects or at least get more clues about the marijuana growing operation. back to you. >> thank you. watch out. kristy seifkin in moraga, thank you. a woman is hospitalized after she was shot in the back. this is while she was walking in san francisco's north beach area. the 40-year-old woman told investigators that she was walking home along francisco
5:33 am
street last night when she heard gunfire and realized she was shot. police say they don't believe she was the intended target. her injuries not life- threatening. the two suspects in the beating of bryan stow may have been involved in other attacks the same day. anser hassan reports. >> reporter: good morning. that attack happened open night at giants dodgers game back in march. that attack left bryan stow with brain damage. bryan stow had emergency surgery sunday. he is making small signs of progress at sf general but meanwhile in l.a. the two lead suspects had made their first court appearance in l.a. on monday. 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood didn't enter a plea as the
5:34 am
judge read the three felony charges of assault, battery and mayhem. mayhem is a charge for disabling oar disfiguring a victim. prosecutors say they are a threat to public safety. louie sanchez has a history of domestic violence, evading police, carrying a loaded gun in public and marvin norwood has a history of domestic violence when police searched his house finding five firearms including a powerful assault rifle. the two prosecutors say the two men bragged about their assault to coworkers but told them to keep quiet. there are even complaints that they assaulted other giants fans including throwing a beer can at a female fan. >> the other alleged assault occurred after the game prior to the attack on mr. stow. >> now, bail was set at $500,000 for both suspects. they will be back in court on august 10 for their possible plea entry. if convicted they look at 8 to 10 years in jail.
5:35 am
frank? >> all right, anser hassan is live in san francisco. thank you. 5:34 now. a richmond teen shares an amazing story of fighting off a grizzly bear in alaska. 18-year-old victor martin is back home safe this morning. he was one of seven teens taking a backcountry course when they came face to face with a grizzly and her cub. the bear attacked two of his friends and then went after martin. >> it was probably about 8 feet behind me and from there, i took off and it jumped, bit me. i fell. and from there, i fought my way through it. >> incredible. martin escaped by kicking the bear. he got away with just minor cuts. two other teens are recovering now for more serious injuries. but all are expected to recover. you hear these stories about, oh, i punched the shark or kicked the bear and you're thinking, i would fall down and
5:36 am
do nothing. >> you get the strength of ten men when stumble on something like that and two friends were mauled by bear so he kicked it in the can and moved it on. but incredibly they will be okay. >> lawrence, what do you do when you face the bear? >> i run like crazy! [ laughter ] >> as fast as i can. >> exactly. >> and i understand you run downhill, too, because they can't travel as quickly downhill. they stumble a lot. >> timms from the weather guy. >> keep your fingers crossed. hey, folks, and the bay area today we are going to see more patchy fog but it's not as thick as it's been and it looks like we are going to see improving weather over the next couple of days. temperatures by the afternoon, as high as 86 degrees in antioch. 80 in sonoma. 78 in san jose. you're still looking at 50s and 60s at the immediate coastline and patchy fog. temperatures below average for this time year. usually 90 degrees in concord, 7 degrees below average today. 6 degrees below average in san jose. and it looks like three degrees below average even in san francisco.
5:37 am
time now for traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we are off to a great start. really quiet now on the roads across the bay area. we'll show you a couple of more popular routes right now. commuting central freeway into and out of san francisco, live look from one of our swing cameras. looks good on 101 all along the peninsula. 880 the nimitz this is live look near the coliseum. you can see the oracle there in the distance. these headlights are southbound traffic. nice smooth commute all the way towards oakland airport. continues to move well down into hayward towards the highway 92 interchange. as you can see, these are all live traffic sensors all picking up top speeds. towards the san mateo bridge, bridge traffic looks great. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. they are bringing in help, the family of a seattle man who died during a gun battle with san francisco police has teamed
5:38 am
up with oakland attorney john burris for an transparent investigation into harding's death. the mother describes him as a good kid raised in a church. >> he was very independent. he was very caring. he loved his family and loved his mother. >> police say they shot at harding after he opened fire on them during a foot chase two weeks ago. harding was on parole for juvenile rape and also called a person of interest in a recent murder case. neither burris or the family addressed the possibility of a civil suit. 5:38. a pleasant hill police officer says they have just voted down the most recent contract offer from the city. at issue are contribution for health insurance and retirement benefits. "contra costa times" reports the imposed contract would require police to ante nearly half of their pension payments.
5:39 am
new hires would be on the hook for the whole thing. police officers say the new contract recommends a pay cut of nearly $6,500 for next year. and some major cuts could be ahead for the east contra costa fire district. it's facing a budget deficit of $3 million. potential cuts include cutting its firefighting crew by 48 down to 23 and closing half of its remaining fire stations. the district covers brentwood, oakley, discovery bay, byron and bethel island. the attorney for the suspect in the norway attack says his hearing was closed because of fears he would send signals to other terror cells. 32-year-old suspect anders breivik pled not guilty yesterday. but he did admit to the violence which left at least 76 people dead in two locations. the defense attorney suggests breivik is insane. he claims to be part of an organization with several cells but officials say he acted alone. just one more week until
5:40 am
the debt deadline. the big blame game that's played out on prime time last night. plus, no wedding dress, no tuxedo? no problem. how a soldier and his northern california girlfriend tied the knot thousands of miles apart. ,,,,,,,,
5:41 am
ah, progress. what once took huge computers can now be stored on a single flash drive. yep, 4 gigs, just $5.99. will wonders never cease? [ male announcer ] staples has amazing back to school deals, like flash drives for $5.99. that was easy. hebrew national hot dogs are unlike any other all-beef hot dog. every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4, kosher. no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors.
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good morning. if you are just getting up, we have a couple of patches of fog, not as extensive as it's been. still over the bay, you can see some of that thick enough that it's covered up the bay bridge just a bit but it looks like we are going to see improving weather over the next couple of days as high pressure builds in and that means temperatures will warm up about everywhere. right now mostly clear still in the valleys. we have some areas of fog making their way inside the bay. and some thicker fog especially at the coastline but not seeing
5:43 am
that drizzle like we had yesterday. this afternoon, mostly sunny skies and some warm temperatures. 70s and mid-80s inland. inside the bay lots of 60s. 70s at the santa clara valley. and still some cooler temperatures at the coastline. 50s and 60s. sunshine away from the immediate coastlinee though. plenty of sunshine and comfortable away from the coast. hot in spots like fresno today 97 there. 91 into sacramento, beautiful in the high country 77 degrees in lake tahoe. and about 88 degrees in ukiah. around the bay area we'll still see 80s here. 83 in morgan hill. 77 in los altos and sunny this afternoon. patchy fog and temperatures in the 50s into daly city. east bay going to see plenty of sunshine and numbers in the mid- 80s in the warmest spots well inland. about 80 in dublin, 84 walnut creek and much cooler 67 degrees into oakland. breezy into the afternoon. temperatures looking to run into the 70s and 80s much of
5:44 am
the north bay except at the coastline. expecting some 60s there with a couple of patches of fog. improving weather the next couple of days, high pressure will build in. that's going to warm up the temperatures quite a bit especially thursday and friday. think we'll keep that warming trend into the weekend. all right. time now to check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. and, you know, don in mobile5 is just cruising across the bay area. he has hit no trouble spots. here's live look at 101 traffic, sounds like don is heading into burlingame right now. so yeah, nice drive on southbound 101. in fact, looks good along the peninsula, 101 and 280. thanks, don, for checking in from mobile5 this morning. mass transit all running on time including for bart ace muni and caltrain. there was an earlier accident southbound 101 approaching sir francis drake boulevard. car versus a deer, no delays.
5:45 am
it's been cleared. so yeah, pretty picture this morning of the sun coming up out of marin. the drive coming out of the altamont pass so far, so good, no changing color on our sensors. so maybe one there. but overall not too bad as you pass the windmills. silicon valley commuters westbound 237 this drive is problem-free, as well. typically closer to about 7:00. that's when we start to see some there's on westbound 237 heading towards san jose. and the bay bridge we had some very early-morning roadwork on the upper deck various lanes blocked. but for right now they did pick automatic that roadwork so know you're cruising heading into san francisco. no metering lights. and lower deck traffic looks good as well so no big delays out there. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> i hope don gets paid by the mile. [ laughter ] >> eating breakfast on the road. >> he has been everywhere today. good stuff. all right, elizabeth, thanks. here's a check of some of
5:46 am
the top stories on your tuesday. the search resumes this morning for the gunman who opened fire at a park ranger in moraga last night. police think the suspects may be part of a pot growing operation. they were protecting their crop. the ranger was not hurt. an arraignment is continued until next month for the two san bernardino county men accused of beating bryan stow. the giants fan of course remains hospitalized here in san francisco nearly 4 months after the tack at dodger stadium -- after that attack at dodger stadium. a woman was shot in the back walking home in north beach. police don't believe she was the intended target. her injuries are not life- threatening. president obama surging congress to compromise. there is one week for the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. he talked to the nation last night blaming republicans for the current deadlock. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different
5:47 am
approach, a cuts-only approach, an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> but gop leaders say the president is the one who is refusing to budge. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago. and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> republicans are pushing for a two-step process. this would raise the debt limit enough to last through the rest of the year. and then a joint committee would tackle a second increase and look at more spending cuts. mr. obama says he will veto any plan to raise the debt ceiling in two waves and he supports a plan by majority leader harry reid to raise the limit through 2012. more budget news here. the u.s. postal service looking to downsize. they have lots of problems. today it's releasing a list of more than 3600 post offices that might have to be shut down. the offices on the chopping block have lower foot traffic
5:48 am
and revenue. usps lost $8.5 billion last year. kennedy space center is hosting a job fair today to help thousands of soon-to-be unemployed workers find new jobs. around 45 employees from across the country are expected to take part in the job fair. the shuttle program ended last week after atlantis returned to earth. netflix is bracing for a loss of customers because more than 2 million people are going to cancel their service because of the company's 60% price increase. people who stay are likely to opt for streaming only instead of choosing both services or choosing dvds only. well, break out the pom poms. the national football league is going to have a season after all. >> you knew it would happen. the longest work stoppage in nfl history ended after more than four months. the end of the lockout means players from the 49ers, raiders, other teams can formally begin training camp beginning this week. the raiders in fact open up
5:49 am
camp tomorrow. lawrence lawrence happy about that a ninther will open -- lawrence karnow happy about that and the niners will open up in santa clara on thursday. and fantasy football freaks are ecstatic, too. >> lawrence was doing a raider dance yesterday. giants in philly fresh off their meeting with the president. >> the orange and black had a warm welcome at the white house yesterday. take a look. >> welcome to the white house. and congratulations to the giants on winning your first world series title in 56 years. give them a hand. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> the president hailed the team as with character and told brian wilson that he in fact also feared the beard. the giants gave president obama and autographed injuriescy and bat. >> not quite as scary when he was in a suit and tie.
5:50 am
>> he has the do going. why mcdonald's is serving up changes, the makeover it's giving happy meals. >> and a dream wedding for a military couple. the unusual way they tied the knot even though she is in california and he is in afghanistan. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
[ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
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the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. family is not disclosing when or where. the funeral for amy winehouse is today. but her family is not disclosing when or where it will be. winehouse's parents thanked mourners for their support outside their home where the 27- year-old singer died saturday. an autopsy yesterday failed to determine the cause of death. results of toxicology tests are expected to take at least two weeks. if you procrastinated, you have more time to get your kids vaccinated for the upcoming school years. students have 30 days after the
5:53 am
school year begins to get whooping cough vaccinations under a bill just signed by the governor. the measure affects students in grades 7 through 12 and more than a million california students have not complied with the new law that requires them also to get a booster shot. mcdonald's is going to make happy meals healthier. the fast food chain plans to add a serving of fruits and vegetables and shrink the portion of french fries. the changes take effect in september and will be in place in all u.s. mcdonald's restaurants by april. we'll see about that. >> balance things out. burger, apple? there's a couple separated by thousands of miles but somehow they managed to become husband and wife. >> they d the bride in placerville, the groom in afghanistan. specialist randall blake a combat medic and sarah brown decided they couldn't wait and they really wanted to tie the knot. so they said their vows over the telephone with sarah at the vital statistics office in
5:54 am
placerville. >> so romantic. >> now randall, do you vow your love and devotion to sarah? >> i do. >> in sickness and in health for better or for worse and whatever life may bring? >> i do. >> i now pronounce you married. >> he didn't get to kits bride, though. >> they are trying to work on that skype or something. spec blake will return home in december to see his wife in person. there will be hugging going on. >> just a little. >> they look cute together. >> like a good match. >> and when they are really together. >> right. >> yeah. >> let's hope it goes as well as the wedding. >> how about weather? you are the man this week. >> we are liking it because -- >> nice warm day. >> quiet in the morning with patchy fog but looks like it is going to be starting to break up and that means more sunshine on the way into the coming days. the temperatures are going to be improving as high pressure continues to build in even some
5:55 am
90s making a return by thursday and friday. and looking toward the weekend, fantastic weather ahead. hey, how about this shot for you today? in san rafael, what a beautiful sunset by augustino of san anselmo. hopefully nice shots like that this evening, as well. all right. let's get a check of your traffic with elizabeth. >> okay. we kind of really are quiet at 5:00. not a lot going on so if you hit the road, you should find no major issues out there right now. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. 13-minute commute still in either direction. other bridges moving fine as well including our live look at the bay bridge. traffic more crowded on the upper deck but still no metering lights. and no wait behind the pay gates and the golden gate bridge picture-perfect as usual across the deck so looking good nice start to our tuesday morning commute. >> where's don? is he in santa cruz by now? >> we were say, he is probably in oakland by the time we get him next. i think he is traveling along the peninsula now 101. we'll check in with him in just
5:56 am
a minute. >> working hard that don. >> paid by the mile he is going everywhere. >> all right. thanks. 557 5. in the next half hour from first to worst, how the huge box office opening for harry potter may have backfired actually. >> a bay area teen describes the life and death situation with a grizzly bear attack in alaska. i'm kristy seifkin live in moraga where in the next hour, police helicopters will start circling above and teams will start searching or foot to look for two men who shot at a park officer last night. how officials believe those two men may be involved in a drug operation. all that and more coming up. the two lead suspects in the bryan stow beating case mayor their first court appearance what we are learning about the suspect and who lapd is asking to come forward in this case. i'm anser hassan live in san francisco. that story straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
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5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a park ranger attacked by gunmen in the east bay. the illegal operation he may have stumbled upon the manhunt this morning. and some new information emerging about bryan stow's alleged ak tears. the dangerous weapons police found inside one of their homes. good morning, july is almost gone. it's tuesday the 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. let's get you started off with a little traffic and weather. lawrence, it's going to be a nice day, isn't it? >> yes, nice day around the bay area, not as much fog this morning, guys, and think by the afternoon, more sunshine on the way. partly cloudy skies into san francisco. but you will see sunshine in oakland into the 60s, plenty of sunshine in san jose, 78. 80s in the valleys. warmer weather on the way. more on that in a moment. right now it's traffic time with elizabeth. >> i'm going to tell don what you said, lawrence wanted to get him in a big traffic jam. this was don in mobile5. >> just to see what it looks like. [ laughter ] >> right now as yo

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